Being Whole When You're Broken


So this will be me for the 2-4 months. In a cast. I snapped my achilles playing the manliest game ever-dodgeball. Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen...dodgeball.

So as I was going through this process, I started thinking about how I would use this time constructively. Yeah, I can work from home and I will be going back into the office pretty soon, but I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss this moment.

I've been struggling with the things that motivate me and drive me towards a broader goal. So a way for me to tackle that question is by asking questions about motivation and drive. I've been a designer, brand and marketing guy for about 17 years now and even that description alone doesn't define me. When you ask people who they are, they reply "I'm a mom or stay-at-home dad. Or they just simply give you their name with a story behind it. Asking them What They Do is a whole different ballgame. So to tackle this complex question of Who I Am, I want to tackle the questions of What Makes Me.

So I decided to take it even a step further by asking What Makes Me Whole when I'm Broken? Trust me, there a #brandlesson in here somewhere.