Something's Missing

You ever had a bad case of the Mondays? The day when you want to drop out and not have any responsibility-at least for your primary job obligation?

Today is that day. Today is the day when you recapture what's been lost. Today is when you rediscover that gnawing feeling in your gut. Today is the day you reproduce that which has been in you all along. Today is the day you reimagine new possibilities to age old problems.

Today is the day you create.

Today isn't about industry jargon, brand loyalty (if there is such a thing - I'll provide more on this topic. Trust me.), User Experience and the impacts of good design. Save that for tomorrow. Today is the day you make your ancestors, friends, colleagues, family stand up and take pause. Today is the day that the only responsibility you have is the responsibility to self. Self-discovery. Self-imagination. Self- creativity. Self-design.

Today is Monday. Today is the day you shine.