The Do-It-Yourself Smart Home Market Will Reach $7.8 Billion By 2019 and Smart Product Designers Should Seize the Opportunity

Photo Courtesy of InfoStep via Flickr

I'm a geek. I love being a geek. I'm enthralled by the potential of technology. However, I'm also apprehensive about big data and who owns the data when it is thrown into the context of consumer consumption and usage statistics. But I digress...

UX Designers. Brand Managers. Anyone who says they care about designing a positive experience and interactions should take notice: the Smart Home and Smart Car are here. And we have the opportunity to claim some very sound mind share in shaping that consumer experience.

We are the creators and advocators of that experience. What's a more impactful space to display our passion for crafting experiences than in the home? Just wrap your mind around the possibilities for a second...

Done? Good. Because over the next couple of months, I know this is where my focus will be: the Internet of Things. Stay tuned.

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There's a ton more. But here's my advice: One of the things that designers and UX practitioners have in common is the spirit of entrepreneurship (at least I hope...). That spirit helps us see and identify the next big thing. I'm jumping on it. Are you?